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Buy A 20 headphones AND YOU GET:


• € 200 gift certificate to use on Bose products of your choice.
• 10% discount on second and subsequent purchase after A20 headphones.

This special spring offer is only permitted for retail sales.
Offer valid from April 13 through May 17, 2015.
The offer can not be combined with other purchases.

To get the discount of 10% you have to buy the product along with the headphones.

Bose also assumes responsibility for the performance of additional product purchased with the voucher. They will be sent directly to the customer based on the information provided on the voucher.

Aero Friedrichshafen April 16 and 17

In the days 16 and 17 April NorthAir Aviation will be in the stands in Aero Friedrichshafen Dynon and Garmin.

If you need material you can order now on or by sending an email to ‘address and make the withdrawal at the show and save the shipping costs.

Fun Sun’n 20 to 29 April 2015

We inform you that 20 to 29 April including NorthAir Aviation participate all’esposizine fair Sun’n Fun 2015 Florid. During the days of exhibition will remain closed and will only be reached by mail at:

Sky and flight June 13 and 14

On the 13th and 14th of June Northair Aviation will participate in Heaven and Flight, an event organized dall’aviosuperficie Guglielmo Zamboni.


Garmin clock D2 GPS Avionics on your wrist …

Garmin re-imagines aviation portable with the first GPS watch designed specifically for highly capable drivers. D2 features include direct-to functions and functions nearest using a worldwide database of the airports. InoltreL’orologio Garmin GPS D2 provides for the presence of a baro-altimeter setting with adjustable metric, a compass and altitude alert functionality.


The clock D2 displays multiple time zones with Zulu / UTC, various timers and vibrating alerts for task reminders in flight. Wirelessly receives the flight plan from Garmin Pilot ™ and controls virB ™. … MORE…

Aviation headsets BOSE A20 Dual Plus with Bluetooth!


Headphone high level needed most …

Headphones Bose® A20® [...]

New attractions for 2015 …
We are happy to announce that this year NorthAir Aviation will be present on the main web channels. Now you can stay up to date not only on our products and services, but also on everything that revolves around all ‘avionics.
Through our newsletter we will provide interesting facts about the world of flight, keeping you updated on all the news, on the main events scheduled and of course on all the technological developments in the sector.


Now NorthAir Aviation lands on social networks!
Get in touch with us! Follow us on your favorite social networks to communicate with us and to be informed in real time about events, products and news:


The brand new 7-inch touch display G3X.

The new infrared touchscreen display, high-resolution 7 “full touch G3X the existing system.

It is the ideal display for those with limited space in the dash, without sacrificing the high quality of Garmin products.

The 7-inch display, offers new design options panel and redundancy. All displays G3X touch support connectivity between Connext avionics and mobile devices with a transfer capacity of the flight plan for access.

The display G3X touch 7-inch features a rugged touchscreen infrared, which demonstrates industry leading experience in technology Garmin [...]


NorthAir Aviation premium Garmin dealer for market lightsport & Experimental announces the release of new touch screen system Garmin G3X by 10.6 “.

The new system is extremely simple and intuitive to use for the developed market lightsport Non-certified.

The system is fitted with one or two displays from 10.6 “.

The new G3X Touch integrates the following devices:

  1. * Remote Transponder Mode S

  2. * Apparatus NAV / COM Garmin [...]


Northair Aviation is pleased to announce the big news Dynon 2014:


NorthAir Aviation presents the new system avionics Glass Panel SkyView:

The SkyView System is the spearhead of Dynon Avionics, and now everything is new.

The new SkyView is the most intuitive and advanced avionics system on the market today for aircraft lightsport & Experimental.

The first big news is the introduction to the touchscreen technology on the 10 “display.

The new Skyview as well as being easy to use with the touchscreen [...]

We are making the video presentation of our products in the Italian language. You can view the video directly from our YouTube channel or on our Facebook page.

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I-Dave equipped with dashboard made from NorthAir Aviation wins Round as the best experimental homebuilt aircraft in 2013. The aircraft was assembled from ‘Europe Builder Assistance:

The congratulations of the American parent on facebook:

Le congratulations VANS AIRCRAFT


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NorthAir Aviation has acquired the distribution of the brand Bose Aviation Headsets, and is now the dealer and consultant for the market & experimental light sport of all voice Bose Aviation.

In addition to the Bose A20 we can provide the customer with all the spare parts and accessories for headphones and current for those out of production.

Please try the Bose A20 at our premises. headquarters.

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