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Catalogue 2014-medres (dragged)

You can download the draft of the new 2014 product catalog directly from this link:

Very soon, the final version of the catalog.

Download the draft of the 2014 product catalog in PDF format



Our company has recently completed the second complete dashboard of P92 school CIRRUS Aviation based in Ozzano Emilia near the airfield William Zamboni, installing both the new G3X 2013.

To test or rent the planes equipped with dual Garmin G3X please contact Cirrus Aviation

http://www.cirrusaviation.it / contacts

For information on the costs of installing the new Dual Garmin G3X and to request a quotation, please contact us at ‘e-mail:

info@northair.it .


NorthAir Aviation, built the first display panel to show G3x new avionics suite in 2013.

The panel includes a dual display G3x, in remote mode S transponders, the autopilot control unit, two actuators, the new VHF COM, and the GMA240 audio panel.

The whole system is fully operational and all Garmin devices are integrated with each other and pre-configured by us in the laboratory.

The panel is wired with methods and materials Aeronautical AG (general aviation), this work provides a unique end result.

The panel demo will be offered for sale to all Garmin dealer Europeans who want to advertise and display [...]

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Woodinville, WA, April 8, 2013 – With the upcoming release of SkyView 6.0, Dynon Avionics offers a highly capable automatic pilot, for experienced pilots flying IFR, and an alternative set of simplified controls for those who prefer the simplicity of the VFR.

For the pilot IFR, new features include autopilot SkyView VNAV, IAS hold, sequence mode, fully coupled approaches, a flight director with “single cue” (v-bar) or “dual cue “(viewfinder), and more. These new features complement the existing system of construction of ways such as: heading hold, GPS ground track hold, altitude hold, and the steering wheel control.

VFR pilots can navigate in comfort – without a steep learning curve – thanks [...]

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Woodinville, WA, April 8, 2013 – Dynon announces two new products in its main line of avionics: a ‘COM Radio innovative SkyView integrated, and a full two-seater Intercom stereo. Michael Schofield, Dynon Marketing Manager, says “Dynon’s mission is to deliver innovative avionics for unmatched value. With our new intercom and SkyView COM Radio, Dynon now offers a complete panel of avionics for aircraft and experimental sports. “


The SV-COM-C25 changes the way in which drivers use their radio COM interface with a powerful, flexible, that is designed to reduce the workload of the cockpit.

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Here’s how to upgrade to system software skyview:

– for aircraft with engine 914 turbo we recommend you turn off these utilities before proceeding with the operation: pump 1, pompa2, TCU and avionics as radio, transponder, intercom, strobe, landing light. < / p>

  1. – for 912 aircraft with engine: recommend turning off: pump 1, avionics such as radios, transponders, intercom, strobe, landing light.

    Turning off the utilities can ‘be made by removing the brekaer (breaker provided for disarmament) or by switching the switch on users.

    NOTE: [...]

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Technical Service Bulletin – SkyView display parts for circuit boards – Revision B

Date: March 4, 2013



Note that this is the Revision B of this Service Bulletin. Revision B cancels and replaces an earlier version of this report which was released the ‘February 11, 2013.

The original report was based on the specified detection method Screen SkyView to determine whether or not a display was affected. However, the displays that were thought to be [...]

 covered 2013

E ‘available for download the new catalog 2013 seconds semester, click qui to view the catalog.

File Type: PDF

size: 95 MB approximately

Download time with ADSL: 5-10 minutes


Lightspeed Aviation wants to add further joy to your holidays by offering valuable gifts with the purchase of new headphones Zulu.2.
Book now a headset! If you do it by January 4, 2013 have the right to choose one of these exceptional gifts, included standard headphone 925.65 EUR VAT included:

 edeliver 1. Flight Bag PLC Pro MyGoFlight
Ultimate Flight bag for iPad, Lightspeed headset,

and all the essentials
It converts to shoulder bag or backpack.
199 euro the value of retail


SkyView Version 4.0 – Map of world-wide basis, better detailed mapping and better redundancy:

The version 4.0 firmware SkyView was introduced in Oshkosh and shipped immediately after (about the first of August.)

The most visible improvements in version 4.0 concerning the mapping SkyView navigation, with the data on the base map available worldwide. These include countries, cities, roads, rivers, railways. The representation of the airspace has been significantly improved, with a graphic that matches the style and color of the cards type Sectional. They were added details of European airspace, to reflect all categories of airspace. With the addition of these new data, SkyView now displays objects and names to create [...]

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