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Lightspeed Aviation announces Flightlink App Zulu.2

The first app keeps track of flights, for Apple devices!

Pilots can now turn their iPad or iPhone into the cabin voice recorders of velivlo. Flightlink is a free downloadable app developed by Lightspeed Aviation to work with new Zulu.2. All communications through the intercom are recorded and available for instant playback and permanent storage. Multiple recordings can be stored in both Apple devices in an iTunes account.

Flightlink allows up to two minutes for immediate playback of the ATC transmissions, ensuring receipt of vital information. The flight can be recorded and saved for future use. With Flightlink pilots you can [...]

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There are new kits for the installation of mechanical and TruTrack Dynon autopilot.

In the kit includes all the hardware required for the installation of bracket kit: as bolts, Ranelli, uniball, arms control, Adel Clamp, spacers, brackets and supports servant.

The mechanics are cut with CNC machines aluminum 2 mm and the hardware it is in inches AN (Air Force – Navy Aeronautical) [...]

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It ‘available for download the new 2012 catalog second half, click here to view the catalog.

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We report the availability of the new system backup power IBBS, the system is equipped with a NI-MH battery 2 or 4 Amps, and a circuit which manages the charge / float during periods of normal Power Panel.

In the case of an electrical failure on the primary system of the airplane, just actuate a switch to activate the backup system of the module IBBS, in this way the unit IBBS will provide 12 VDC with capacity of 2 / 4 Ah to any users who need your backup.

This system can ‘be used to operate, EFIS, EMS, radio, transponder, control units for fuel injection systems, fuel pumps primaries, etc ..

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Available to order the new kit for G3x, the ultimate solution to quickly install the new suite Garmin.
Complete wiring for Garmin G3x suite, includes connections to:

* 1 or 2 monitors;

* main unit GSU;

* 1 or 2 devices Com;

* audio panel GMA;

* Transponder GTX 3XX

* Autopilot Interface (specify the model)

The Kit is made on demand, when ordering specify all lengths between the various devices and the type of equipment installed.

shapeimage_1 (1) Available for download the new 2012 catalog!


Available the new e-commerce site where you will find hundreds of new products selected and guaranteed!
Click image to view the e-commerce site.


NorthAir Aviation is pleased to announce that the new dealer for Italy of LightSpeed, currently we can offer headphones ZULU II and Sierra at the best prices in Europe.

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SDC12181 bracket kit Dynon Skyview, designed specifically for the Skyview system, made of aluminum 2 mm, laser cutting. It allows easy installation of the device in the back of the display, in this way, by uninstalling the display you can access all the elements skyview. Another advantage is to have all the elements of the system skyview positioned in the space of [...]

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