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News Skyview 2014


Northair Aviation is pleased to announce the big news Dynon 2014:


NorthAir Aviation presents the new system avionics Glass Panel SkyView:

The SkyView System is the spearhead of Dynon Avionics, and now everything is new.

The new SkyView is the most intuitive and advanced avionics system on the market today for aircraft lightsport & Experimental.

The first big news is the introduction to the touchscreen technology on the 10 “display.

The new Skyview as well as being easy to use with the touchscreen system, has maintained a set of buttons and knobs, this, for better management of the ‘apparatus in case of turbulence.

With SkyView Touch ™, Dynon Avionics has developed an interface designed to complement, not replace, the physical controls on SkyView.

The new Skyview Touch maintained perfect legibility of its screen to sunlight. Another big news is the introduction of two new control panels for the management of ‘autopilot, the autopilot two panels are available in horizontal and vertical versions.

Finally, Dynon Avionics will release the new release of software version 10.0 for all devices Skyview.

With the software release 10.0 Pilots Dynon-engineers have developed a new interface Skyview extremely clean and intuitive, so that pilots can concentrate on flying, not the technology.

The new Skyview Touch with software vers 10:00 is packed with new features and is incredibly easy to use and intuitive.

The great news, however, is in the care that Skyview offers its new customers, but also existing ones, making it possible, for those who already own a skyview 10 “, the ‘upgrades to make it a touchscreen!

The main features that characterize the system skyview vers. 10.0 are integration: Transponder Mode S, 2-axis autopilot, Weather and ADSB receiver, GPS Ultrafast, Efis, Ems, Synthetic Vision, dual watch VHF radio, Intercom stereo Form ARINC interface for NAV / COM IFR and finally 3 year warranty.

NorthAir Aviation official dealer Dynon Avionics provides sales, installation, training and support for all products Skyview.


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