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New Touch 7 “Garmin G3x


The brand new 7-inch touch display G3X.

The new infrared touchscreen display, high-resolution 7 “full touch G3X the existing system.

It is the ideal display for those with limited space in the dash, without sacrificing the high quality of Garmin products.

The 7-inch display, offers new design options panel and redundancy. All displays G3X touch support connectivity between Connext avionics and mobile devices with a transfer capacity of the flight plan for access.

The display G3X touch 7-inch features a rugged touchscreen infrared, which demonstrates industry leading experience in technology Garmin glass cockpit.

The drivers and manufacturers who own amateur built aircraft and lightsport, who are short of space on the panel will be delighted by the 7-inch display, in particular, whether the problems of height and width are a concern in panel. In addition, owners who want multiple displays have the ability to install any combination, up to three display 10.6-inch touch or 7-inch display. The pilots will also notice how the ‘user interface integrates seamlessly between multiple screens. Incorporating the different display formats G3X touch in a single panel, it provides additional redundancy and advanced features. When coupled with a display of 10.6 inches, the 7-inch touch G3X system can serve as a display dedicated to a variety of functions, including traffic information, the entire screen for the moving map, geo-referenced charts, engine information, but also serve as a back-up primary flight display (PFD).


G3X Touch offers the benefits of connectivity cockpit Connext.

Pilots can make flight plans on your tablet and easily, wirelessly transfer flight plans via Bluetooth ® system G3X Touch, including a navigator GTN eventually installed. A system G3X Touch with a GDL 39 3D can share GPS information to display the data of position, attitude and information ADS-B traffic within a mobile device, with Garmin Pilot.


Pilots are offered the most complete range of tools that can be integrated with G3X Touch, as the ability to embed a browser IFR as the GTN ™, or to have information on the angle of attack through the external indication GI-260.

G3X Touch supports connectivity with additional virB ™, the HD camcorder suitable for action, also on G3x A good connection BNC composite video, easy access.

This connection allows you to view real-time video in full screen on the display, but also allows drivers to start and stop recording video and taking pictures, using up to 10 cameras virB, all from touchscreen.

Among other things, the pilot can control the touchscreen controller functions GMC 305 autopilot.

Also more through the touchscreen you can ‘control the remote transponder GTX 23 ES if installed, or even the GTR 20, ricetrasmettente remotely, which saves panel space and offer a simple cockpit and integrated.

Synthetic Vision (SVX ™) comes standard on G3X Touch, providing a rich three-dimensional representation of the terrain, obstacles, courses d ‘water, the appearance of the airstrip and more. Sectionals VFR, IFR Enroute and geo-referenced SafeTaxi ®, airport diagrams and FliteCharts ™, for the United States, Europe and Canada, are offered on all screens G3X touch, providing the pilots with the tables they need for both VFR and IFR flight .

The system G3X 7-inch touch includes: synthetic vision SVX, video input, WAAS GPS receiver, ADAHRS, magnetometer, OAT probe, interactive mapping and more ancota.

E ‘series on G3X touch capability Connext via Bluetooth for external devices.

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