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Avionics products Recommended!

Garmin clock D2 GPS

Avionics on your wrist …

Garmin re-imagines aviation portable with the first GPS watch designed specifically for highly capable drivers. D2 features include direct-to functions and functions nearest using a worldwide database of the airports. InoltreL’orologio Garmin GPS D2 provides for the presence of a baro-altimeter setting with adjustable metric, a compass and altitude alert functionality.


The clock D2 displays multiple time zones with Zulu / UTC, various timers and vibrating alerts for task reminders in flight. Wirelessly receives the flight plan from Garmin Pilot ™ and controls virB ™. … MORE…

Aviation headsets BOSE A20 Dual Plus with Bluetooth!


Headphone high level needed most …

Headphones Bose® A20® avionics represent our headphones for more advanced riders. The extraordinary technological innovations ensure a significant reduction in noise and offer comfort even better than previous models, without compromising on sound quality you expect from Bose. In addition, the avionics A20® Headphones are now equipped with an auxiliary audio input and Bluetooth connectivity for mobile cellulari.Le avionics A20® Headphones come in a version installed, powered by the aircraft, and in either a portable battery for several types of aircraft, including helicopters.

ELT E04 406 Mhz E-04

0-8bd1f6f2-292And the new ELT 04406 Mhz is elt a new generation with input for GPS antenna, it is supplied as a complete kit ready for installation.
Is the elt with the best value for money.
Accept GPS position data input from Bendix / King, Garmin, GPS NMEA 0183.
The new antenna is tilted back 20 degrees, and has a molded plastic base.
5 watts @ 406 MHz for 24 hours, and 100Mw @ 121.5MHz for 48 hours.
New simple plug with audible indicator warning.
New lithium battery offers a battery life of five years, and makes it substantially lighter.
Ability to use the indicator Ameriking remote panel.

Joystick Tosten!

Knobs stick with soft touch finish for added comfort, provided with wiring section 22 AWG


The knob is equipped with two buttons higher, the PTT button and a frontal button smallest below the PTT used for example for tripping autopilot.

Other characteristics:
Only for use in experimental aircraft
Four control stick functions
Two trigger buttons
Two face buttons
ambidextrous design
Made in the USA

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